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We share a passion to help Business and Technology leaders succeed in their digitalization, security and analytics initiatives. Our approach is based on a true partnership with companies to transform their business with advisory, implementation and support services. We assess how services, processes and organizations are setup to compete in the digital age. We build together a roadmap to deliver end-to end solutions with cutting edge technologies.

Backed up by our 13+ years of experience working with some of the largest global companies, our teams unite to deliver tangible improvements in complex and challenging enterprise environments.

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Bright’s Chief Visionary founded the company in 2006 with a mission to help Business and IT work together. Committed to Bright’s growth through the success of our people, customers and partners, Angel can be seen coming up with new ideas to solve our clients’ challenges and making sure they are being put to life. Angel’s service-oriented approach and engagement are truly contagious. We’d like to think we all have it at this point.
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Assia means business. Her enthusiasm to find innovative solutions for our customers and share Bright’s experience to make them successful is truly inspiring. Always willing to walk the extra mile, Assia is with our clients every step of the way until the project is successfully executed. And long after that, as a matter of fact.
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Ivan is one of the pioneers at Bright and no mission is too big for him. Ivan jumps easily to adopt new technologies, design innovative solutions to address real business needs, lead difficult projects with ease, guide his customers and team to succeed in their initiatives. “For me it is important the activities run smoothly, with no pressure and the consultants to feel comfortable and to share all problems on time.” In return, he has at his disposal a team of professionals ready to tackle complex issues head-on. “This has given me an invaluable experience which if I had to gain individually, I would have spent all my life. Sharing real experience. That’s what we are all about here.”
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Petar is a multitasker with hand-on approach for leading Bright’s key projects. He is currently leading a team of process consultants, project managers, and BI consultants, while making sure no question remains unanswered. “As a Team Leader for me it is important all employees to be self-driven to develop their skills and be satisfied with what they do.” It’s working. “In my team everyone has their own view and we all benefit to a great extent from this constant exchange of opinions and ideas.”
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Mariana is all about the numbers. Our Chief Accountant, with almost two decades of professional experience, is also a great multitasker. An usual day at the office for her means monitoring, recording and reporting financial operations, supporting and controlling all functions in accordance with internal procedures and external regulations and also ensuring compliance. We can’t thank her enough.
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A solid people and process manager with over 10 years of experience, Nikolay currently leads Bright’s team of professional consultants delivering the best ITSM & Automation solutions to our customers. Being a strong problem solver by bringing energy and dedication into the mix, Nikolay’s main focus is on the operational efficiency and sustainable growth of the team. “When the leader's work is done, the people will say 'We have done this ourselves’.“
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Georgi is all about DevOps. No task is too complicated for him, no project – too big. With more than 10 years of Telecom experience, Georgi loves to solve complex problem for our customers, going beyond the customer requirements to design optimal and innovative solutions. Georgi challenges his team to perform better and better, to learn and evolve continuously. With experience in adopting various cutting-edge technologies Georgi and his team deliver end-to-end solutions that are future proof and adapt easily. “Sharing opinions and ideas freely is a must in my team. Everyone is invited to express his view and to elaborate on the chosen topic. What matters most is not the technology itself but the people using it to deliver the best possible solution.”
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Help companies in creating unique organizational culture where employees enjoy work, feel recognized and develop their competencies. As a result, companies have more motivated employees and achieve better results.
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Rosita is a seasoned HR professional with over 10 years of corporate experience. She is confident to achieve within a demanding environment, requiring high levels of initiative and flexibility. An energetic and solution-oriented person with strong commitment to deliver quality and ethical approach. She’s excellent communicator and naturally develops strong relationships with peers. Her ability to adapt and respond to changing environment make her valued member of Bright’s team.

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