About us

Bright is an IT and Business Management consultancy with a passion to help enterprises deliver fast digital services. With our consulting approach we help companies speed up their Digitalization and Automation initiatives aligned with their business priorities.


Our transformation approach starts with understanding what the organization wants to achieve from a business perspective. We then assess how its services, processes and organization are setup and agree on a roadmap to deliver an end-to end solution.

What it means to do business with us?

We believe in real partnership. Together we bridge gaps, align teams, navigate organizational change, raise the maturity and capability of your organization to do more, become more competitive and ready for the challenges of the future.

We take ownership of your pains and goals, and commit to achieve tangible realistic results. We care to make your organization ahead of the game and will use all our resources to get you there. We know change is scary and will back you up to make the journey safe for you and the organization. 


We understand the power of technology and best practices to enable on-going business transformation. Naturally we developed partnerships with some of the leading organizations in their field so we can deliver an end-to-end IT Management solutions designed to solve your most burning pains.
Together we have the right technology and business practices to support you in your IT transformation initiatives.