ITIL Overview

ITIL® Overview course is a one day awareness training which covers all key areas of the Service Lifecycle and understand the benefits to organisations and individuals. 
Duration: 1 Day
Certification: No
Schedule and Pricing: Please contact us
ITIL Overview is designed for those who either do not wish to undertake the full three day ITIL® Foundation course (including the exam), or those who just want a basic level of knowledge of IT Service Management Best Practices. The course will cover, at a high level, the principles behind the ITIL® framework, and the benefits that could be achieved within an IT team if some/all the processes were to be implemented.
Why choose Bright for your ITIL education? 
  • Individual Case Study Development - Focus on applying ITIL theory to each participant organization via individual case study development and consulting support;
  • Trainer with ITSM project experience- Delivered by accredited Bright Consulting trainers who bring in hands-on project experience in the IT Service Management area;
  • Real stories from Bright practice - Includes examples from Bright Consulting ITSM practice, delivering ITIL Transformation programs to some of the largest enterprises in EMEA.
Who should attend
  • Anyone who is about to take on a role within an IT team, especially those responsible for the support and delivery of IT services to the organisation.
Benefits for Organizations
  • ITIL knolwedge will help your organisation move towards a Service Management culture where your IT team is recognised as a key player in the success of your customers and users;
  • ITIL will help you understand the critical link between IT services and customer and users, the best ways to manage those services, making your IT organisation indispensable to your customers.
Individual Benefits
  • An ITIL® qualification will demonstrate your knowledge of Service Management and how the processes interact and add value to a business;
  • Improve your career and professional development both internally and with other companies. 
The course will provide you with an introduction to ITIL® and the benefits it can bring to an organisation by improving services provided to the customer through:
  • Alignment with business needs
  • Negotiated achievable service levels
  • Predictable and repeatable processes
  • Efficiencies in the delivery of service

ITIL® Foundation ITSM SimulationITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle Certificate (MALC)ITIL® Release, Control and Validation Certificate (RCV)ITIL® Service Offerings and Agreements Certificate (SOA)ITIL® Operational Support and Analysis (OSA)ITIL® Planning, Protection and Optimization Certificate (PPO)