Telecom Frameworks Training

Bright Consulting delivers series of training courses for Telecom professionals who wish to gain understanding of the TM Forum Frameworx and Telecom Enterprise Architecture.
Best Practices in Telecoms Enterprise Architecture
Customized training program lead by an industry-recognized Telecom trainer with focus on:
  • Understanding the foundational concepts of Enterprise Architecture (EA) as an architecture management discipline
  • Overview of TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) from a Telecoms EA perspective
  • Overview of the TM Forum NGOSS (now Frameworx)
  • Understanding how to capitalize on synergies between Enterprise Architecture and Frameworx
  • Exploring the Business Process Framework (aka eTOM) from an EA perspective
  • Exploring the Information Framework (aka SID) and its linkage with eTOM and EA
  • Exploring the Application Framework (aka TAM) and its linkage with eTOM and EA
  • Integration, Interactions and Dependencies across Frameworx (eTOM, SID, TAM and Integration Framework
  • How to apply in everyday’s business eTOM and Frameworx in line with EA and best practices
TM Forum Frameworx- Official Training Courses
As TM Forum member, Bright Consulting can also organize the delivery of official TM Forum Training courses at customer location:
  • Frameworx Overview
  • Business Process Framework (eTOM)
  • Inframation Framework (SID)
  • Application Framework (TAM)

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