A New IT Experience

The focus on customer satisfaction requires a transformation on the way Business users interact with IT. Bright works with IT organizations to meet the expectations for simplified user experience through fully integrated self-Service capabilities- Mobile Self- Service, Service Request Management, Knowledge Management. 

Service Request Management

A Service Request Management solution allows IT to define the services it offers, publish those services in a Web-based catalog, and automate the fulfillment of the services for the end-user base. The solution permits IT to define a unified and simple front-end for change requests from both end users and other IT employees. When a user submits a service request, the solution initiates, manages, and tracks all the necessary processes, performing full request Lifecycle management. It routes requests for approval where required and, when approvals are obtained, triggers and tracks the appropriate fulfillment processes. Users can check the status of their requests at any time through simple online inquiry.

Knowledge Management solution

With a knowledge management solution enterprises can improve staff efficiency, customer service and satisfaction, and service quality. Service desk efficiencies can be dramatically improved by reducing incident volume through automated self-service, and by providing service personnel with quick answers to questions submitted through the service desk. In addition, Web-based self-service options allow employees or customers to find their own answers 24x7 using natural language search, thereby dramatically reducing the number of issues directed to a call center.

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