10 Years Bright


This month has been quite emotional for the Bright Consulting team as we mark our 10th year in business. We went through turbulent economic times, business transformation of every industry, and fundamental shifts in the IT industry.


Here is a reflection on the values that unite us and made us successful all the way.

  • We believe in real partnerships based on trust and integrity. Together we bridge gaps, align processes and teams, navigate change and deliver the results set out to achieve.
  • We commit to deliver end-to-end even at difficult times. And will use all our resources to get to the end.
  • We take ownership of companies’ pains and goals and aim high to achieve tangible results.
  • We are honest and proactive. We will say “no” if a request if it is not aligned with the end goal.
  • We care to understand and make organizations ahead of the game.
  • We are known for our true professionalism and united to attract the Bright-est talents as we grow our team.

With these values in our heart, we are set out to conquer many peaks together.