Bright Consulting participated in ASTEL 2008 CONFERENCE DIGITAL DEMOCRACY

The conference was conducted on 9th and 10th May with participation of State Agency for Information Technology and Communications, Communications Regulation Commission and many experts in Telecommunications and Information Services.
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Astel 2008 Conference Digital Democracy

Bright Consulting Service Delivery Manager Angel Kanchev held a presentation at ASTEL conference which was published at the official website of the Telecommunications Association:
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Two-day seminar about eTOM educates network planning professionals

The eTOM open training organized for the first time in Bulgaria by Bright Consulting was featured in
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Bright Consulting marked successful beginning of series of eTOM trainings

For the first time in Bulgaria on 4th and 5th march was conducted course “Introduction to using eTOM”. As a guest lecturer was invited Mr. Roger Cutts, leading expert in NGOSS area with over 30 years experience in telecommunication industry.
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Bright Consulting consultant achieves a national first with a double distinction on ITIL Manager’s certificate.
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Introduction to using eTOM

Bright Consulting Ltd. is the first company in Bulgaria offering eTOM training to Bulgarian professionals in telecommunications. The first of a series of eTOM trainings delivered by the company is “Introduction to using eTOM”. The course is primarily geared to Service Providers and to OSS/BSS professionals who are new to the eTOM and who are planning on using the eTOM in the short term. These include: Solution architects, analyst, modellers.
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At the end of 2007, SOMAT AD partnered with Bright Consulting Ltd to deliver professional trainings to more than a 100 of its employees. The training objective is to improve the employee’s professional qualifications, which will, in turn, improve labour productivity. The project started in the beginning of January and will continue to the beginning of July 2008.
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