Bright Consulting participated in ASTEL 2008 CONFERENCE DIGITAL DEMOCRACY

The conference was conducted on 9th and 10th May with participation of State Agency for Information Technology and Communications, Communications Regulation Commission and many experts in Telecommunications and Information Services.
Bright Consulting, in the person of Angel Kanchev, Service Delivery Manager, presented to multiple audience the possibilities and advantages of the model for analysis of business processes in Telecommunications Industry eTOM (Enhanced Telecom Operations Map).
eTOM is used for deep analysis of business processes in Telecommunications Companies. The analysis includes estimation of the productivity and the benefits of business processes, the omissions and the problems connected with them, possibilities for building of functional requirements for developing of new business processes and so on.
Bright Consulting is the first company in Bulgaria which made Training for eTOM in the beginning of May and its participation in ASTEL Conference is a proof for increasing popularity of extremely effective model eTOM in Bulgaria.