Bright Consulting team experienced the most extreme teambuilding in its history – white-water raftin

Bright Consulting’s employees performed a test of their team work abilities by taking part in several extreme activities during the weekend of June 5th-6th, 2010.
The real team-building work started with carrying the raft and positioning it steady on the wild river. Rowing in synchrony was a rather challenging task in the beginning which discouraged some of the team members. However, as they gained speed and tried harder both teams succeeded to synchronize their efforts and direct the boat down the river. A general surprise to both teams was that neither boat turned upside down in the wild river.
Тhe safe finish of the rafting event was followed by an outdoor dinner which quickly turned into a wild party. The hosts from Adventure Net had invited a live music band which stunned the audience with a powerful jazz performance of Bulgarian folk music.
On the next day, a group of Bright Consulting enthusiasts decided to postpone its coming home trip by visiting the famous cite of Sheytan Dere. Only one person part of this unguided tour was able to reach the final destination. The less experienced group members could not go through the numerous challenges posed by this harsh route.
Bright Consulting employees returned to Sofia charged with loads of positive energy, ready to face the daily challenges as a team.