Bright introduces initiative for Service Management adoption

For the past decade Bright has worked with a number of enterprise customers to implement rigorous ITSM programs. Still the adoption of Service Management best practices by the IT teams remains a challenge for many organizations.
To address this issue, Bright introduced ITSM Simulation as part of our ITSM portfolio. Through partnership with Gamingworks, Bright is certified to deliver the Apollo 13- ITSM Case experience- one of the most popular ITSM simulation games in the world.
This powerful business simulation simplifies ITIL for the IT people and management. As a result, IT staff realize for themselves the practical benefits of following processes and taking a Customer and Service Approach.
We’d be happy to discuss how running this simulation for your team can address your specific business challenges.
You can explore more about the Apollo 13 ITSM Simulation here.

See a video of how the Apollo 13 ITSM Simulation works in practice: