Christmas Party 2009

Club Candle, ready for a holiday fiesta, was expecting its guests- our colleagues, partners and friends of Bright Consulting. 
The toasts started right away- to the successful close of 2009, looking back at the projects that made us proud and the challenges ahead of us.
The holiday spirit was present in the wide smiles on everyone’s faces. Bright Consulting team proved one more time how well they stick together and enjoy the good times, spreading around the party mood.
At midnight, the dance floor turned into a colorful carnival.
Next was the fierce competition: “Who looks best with a purple fig?” 
The organizers of this event- Marina, Assia and Maya from Bright Consulting marketing team -should be given credit for creating the nice atmosphere of the party.
Charged with positive energy and emotions, we ended 2009 in the proper mood with a Christmas party to remember.
We wish a healthy and successful 2010 to all friends and partners of Bright Consulting.