CIO Mazagine: BMC Atrium CMDB- or how to make IT data relevant to the Business

CIO Magazine published an article by Bright Consulting ITSM Consultant Ismail Hadjiahmedov with topic BMC Atrium CMDB- or how to make IT data relevant to the Business. The publication can be read in Bulgarian online at CIO and the June edition of the magazine.
The widespread adoption of ITIL and other IT Management best practices motivate more and more companies to initiate implementation of CMDB- a logical database, providing complete information about the IT infrastructure, revealing the relationshios and dependencies between the services critical to the business and their underlying components. The availability of CMDB is an important prerequisite for the effectiveness of all ITSM processes.
Taking into account the undisputable benefits, many organizations start a CMDB implementation and later on report results far away from the expected. How to ovecome these challenges is the main focus of the article, analysing the core functionalities of the BMC Atrium CMDB- the leading product in this class according to Gartner.