Company workshop at Borovetz

On November 14, early in the morning, part of Bright Consulting team headed to the ski resort Borozvetz for a company workshop. Hotel Iceberg offered great conditions for a work meeting, a pleasant team dinner, as well as a cheerful night spent in team-building games.
The main topics for discussion at the workshop included:
  • Establishing internal processes which would aid and define Bright Consulting service delivery strategy.
  • Defining exact guidelines, aimed at making the employee’s work more effective at various projects;
  • Clarifying the responsibilities and points of communication at every project.
The main focus of the workshop was the implementation of these processes, taking into consideration their importance for building a strong synergy within the team. The team members worked towards effective application of the processes, avoiding the complexity reached by the popular frameworks for IT Management.
Discussed were the phases from the initial analysis and project planning till the product release to the end-user. The hot topics discussed included:
  • The best practices in Project Management and their successful implementation in the company;
  • The Business Analysis process and its interaction with the other aspects of project development;
  • The technical processes of service delivery, as well as aligning the business requirements with the technical specifications;
  • The steps in implementing the product and the various aspects of testing;
  • The quality assurance and the release management process;
  • Establishing templates for the necessary documentation tailored to the specific requirements of the technical and business environment at the company.
In the design of all process were used the insights of the team members, together with the most recent best practices in IT Management.
Following the closing of the workshop, the participants had the chance to become part of the real team-building. The team games of billiards and bellot, together with huge amount of food and drinks, marked the end of the team meeting.