Corporate eTOM Training for GLOBUL employees


Bright Consulting delivered successfully corporate training course at GLOBUL on the topic Solutions Frameworks Overview (NGOSS). This 2-day course was prepared in partnership with the world’s leading association for Telecommunications TM Forum.
Bright Consulting presents a series of training courses designed for Telecom professionals who wish to gain a high level understanding of the Solution Frameworks and how they can be applied for business process modeling. The training is intended for the management team of Telecom companies, as well as for OSS/BSS professionals who are involved in developing BSS/OSS solutions, including solution architects, analysts, modelers, developers, and integrators.
All course attendees provided positive feedback for the completed training and the leading TM Forum trainer Alfred Anaya. Alfred Anaya has worked in the Telecoms and IT industry for over 25 years along prestigious organizations such as Coca-Cola, Accenture, Detecon in Germany, ETSI (European Telecoms Standards Institute), TM Forum and many Telecommunication Service Providers around the world. Over the last 12 years, Alfred has been dedicated to exploring and promoting industry standards and best practices. Mr. Anaya’s innovative approach contributed additionally to the successful delivery of this training course.
The next series of trainings organized by Bright Consulting and TM Forum is focused on the practical applications of implementing the Business Process Framework eTOM.