Corporate training course at VIVACOM

Bright Consulting successfully completed a corporate training course at VIVACOM which focused on advanced application development practices based on BMC Remedy AR System. This 5-days course, conducted in partnership with ServiceCentrix, is a continuation of an introductory BMC Remedy development course held in January this year.
The course content was tailored to address the specific areas of interest of VIVACOM IT professionals and help them in the supporting functions of BMC Remedy AR system which is currently being implemented in VIVACOM environment. 
The main topics of the course included:
  • Overview of workflow elements in BMC Remedy;
  • Web services development and problem resolution;
  • Filter API plug-ins development in Visual Studio 200X and C/C++, debugging and troubleshooting;
  • Vendor Form plug-ins development in Visual Studio 200X and C/C++,debugging and troubleshooting;
  • Data Visualization modules development in Eclipse and Java;
  • Development of reports in Crystal reports and BMC Remedy AR system and their implementation in BMC Remedy.
The practical applications of BMC Remedy development were demonstrated through a series of lab exercises, facilitated by Andrey Dautev and Ivan Pirishanchin, leading BMC Remedy developers at Bright Consulting. Andrey Dautev, certified as BMC Remedy AR System Skilled Professional, was the lead lecturer who has several years of experience in some of the biggest BMC Remedy implementation projects in the region.
All participants from VIVACOM provided positive feedback about the practical implications of the course content, the lecturers’ level of competence and the overall training organization.
About BMC Remedy AR System:
BMC Remedy AR System provides a consolidated Service Process Management platform for automating and managing Service Management business processes. With its request-centric, workflow-based architecture, BMC Remedy AR System is optimized for efficiency in Service Management business process delivery and includes pre-built modules for notifications, escalations, and approvals. It also provides business activity monitoring functionality to proactively measure business process performance. BMC Remedy AR System is compatible with existing IT infrastructures and includes intuitive integration capabilities, including support for Web Services.