At the end of 2007, SOMAT AD partnered with Bright Consulting Ltd to deliver professional trainings to more than a 100 of its employees. The training objective is to improve the employee’s professional qualifications, which will, in turn, improve labour productivity. The project started in the beginning of January and will continue to the beginning of July 2008.
Bright Consulting Ltd organized a corporate-wide, systemic campaign to rate the knowledge base of the employees of SOMAT AD. The campaign was conducted utilizing online tests, which were answered and completed by each employee for each training module. The received results were used in building of maximum effective organization of courses, according to the needs and abilities of SOMAT’s employees.
At the end of each training module, each employee completes a questionnaire in which he or she expresses his or her impression of the trainings. This process ensures endless productivity and control on quality and effectiveness of our professional trainings.