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Align IT Management Initiatives with Industry’s Best Practices

Published on May 28, 2020

In a series of short articles, we aim to give you an overview of these ServiceNow Knowledge 2020 sessions that inspired our team most. You will be introduced to our point of view on several major topics and products, learn how our experts reflect on them and what is the value for the end customer.

Aleksandar Rusev, ServiceNow Sr. Solution Consultant at Bright, gives us an overview of two of Knowledge 2020’s sessions, focusing on IT service and business management.

The last few years have put ITBM in the spotlight with more and more organizations realizing the benefits of adopting good practices and transition to process digitalization. The presentations discussed below help managers and executives compare their current situation with two impressive examples of implementing IT service management and IT business management.

We at Bright could see the great potential behind the ITBM module. We’re already making an impact on our clients’ IT business transformation ensuring visibility into business-critical services, improving project predictability and delivery, and transforming the way teams manage project portfolios.

Veolia’s story and the power of the ServiceNow platform

In his presentation, Rob Gwatkin, ITSM CoE Global Service Delivery Manager at Veolia Group IS&T, delivered a talk on managing processes in a global company trough different challenges – like language and geographical barriers, politic environment, stubbornness, a limited amount of time, etc. It is still available here.

The case study he presented and the story of Veolia Group’s IT and business management transformation amazed me. It was really inspiring to see once again how powerful the ServiceNow platform is. Veolia’s teams are managing so many and different ServiceNow projects under their ITSM and ITBM, in 45 countries, with more than 170k users, set-up, and supported by only 15 people. This is another proof of how flexible and scalable the ServiceNow products are when implemented properly and with expertise.

The results after implementing their ITSM/ITBM ServiceNow system are impressive – from one major incident per month to one per year, full SLA measurement, a dramatic increase in customer satisfaction and many more.

Source: ServiceNow Official Website, © ServiceNow 2020, Inc. All rights reserved.


Veolia’s approach to combining major project frameworks such as ITIL, Agile, and DevOps under one ServiceNow hat served its work perfectly as per the shown results. The DevOps concept they promote is something quite interesting and for sure can be implemented within our good practices.

The most important conclusion for the end customer that can be made from the presentation is that the initial implementation of the service is only the tip of the iceberg. The accurate assessment of the company’s processes and procedures is critical to define which features and capabilities of the platform will be beneficial for the organization. Adopting additional features that are not needed just because the platform has them is not the right approach.

ServiceNow is now a sophisticated platform, and companies need to choose carefully in which direction they will go with it and how. That is why they need a trusted partner to guide them through their digital transformation.


To be prepared for everything that may happen – known and unknown

As a use case for the ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management module, Lisa White, PMO Analyst at Western & Southern Financial Group, presented what is PPM within her company and how ServiceNow’s PPM module helped them organize their work. You can watch a recorded version here.

Keeping their “ducks” (projects, tasks, problems, decisions) in a row is done not only by preparing for the projects they are aware of but also for the ones hiding into the unknown. Also, learning how to say “No” by saying “When?” utilizing trade-off discussions. All those critical decisions are organized and done through ServiceNow with a holistic view of their entire project portfolio.


Source: ServiceNow Official Website, © ServiceNow 2020, Inc. All rights reserved.

Western & Southern Financial Group’s legacy tools were not able to represent all the current projects in the correct view and state. IT Work Management, on the other hand, helped them with providing a holistic view of all IT work, IT delivery visibility, and business outcome view. With Portfolio Governance and Demand Pipeline, they were able to manage what is known and be flexible to what is not. One of the major conclusions of the case study was that analyzing what-if scenarios and your plan versus actuals will prepare you better for trade-off discussions.

Thanks to ServiceNow’s IT business management PPM module, Western & Southern Financial Group managed not only to put in order their projects through strong project portfolio management but also to connect the module to Finance, IT and Resource Management. Building one end-to-end process was beneficial for all central departments within the company.

From my perspective, it was aspiring to see the whole concept of ITBM Project Portfolio Management capabilities implemented and used with their full potential – having a project mapped directly with all resources and real-time financial data and being able to initiate direct contact with the right IT Delivery team to discuss possible risks and challenges. I was fully aware of the module’s capabilities before the presentation but being able to see all those capabilities in action was advantageous.

More and more often end-users are looking for or needing ServiceNow capabilities, different from the widely-used ITSM product. We, as experts, are always helping our clients in to get the most of the platform. And IT Business Management PPM module is an excellent example of how exalting to the next level by investing a little can get you so much more in return.

As a conclusion, to maximize value, companies should learn to better manage processes, projects, and people. Today, with the ServiceNow Platform, we help our customers gain visibility into critical business services and improve their workflows to become the success stories of tomorrow.


We at Bright are always ready to share more information with you and discuss our ITSM transformation programs tailored to deliver tangible business results. We’ll be glad to tell you more about our experience with ITSM and ITBM, making an impact on your process digitalization with a holistic delivery approach.


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