Asset Intelligence

Asset Intelligence

Use Case

What if the IT assets dispersed in your organization can bring more intelligence to your Cybersecurity, IT Ops and Compliance teams?

Bright understands having a holistic view into your IT assess is never an easy task but can bring huge amount of benefits to your business. We tackle this problem by providing actionable intelligence of your IT assets which can make impact on your Cybersecurity, IT Ops and Compliance initiatives.

With the power of the IT asset data operated on the Splunk platform, we built an Asset Intelligence solution focused to:

  • Align and combine IT Asset data from diverse data sources
  • Create complex rules based on existing IT and Business processes
  • Provide full visibility of all managed IT assets
  • Enrich data from Security, IT Ops and Compliance perspective
  • Introduce critical metrics
  • Generate automatic alerts based on dynamic thresholds/trends
  • Correlate asset data with logistics/procurement/ERP systems

With 14+ years of experience in the Asset Management area, our experts understand how to provide IT asset intelligence use cases that can make huge quick impact on your Security, IT Ops and Compliance initiatives.

Why Splunk?

With the power of Splunk data platform, we build industry solutions designed to make an impact in enterprise organizations. Our experts share 15 years of experience in enterprise transformation programs and understand how to define and implement meaningful use cases that generate business results quickly. Our approach is based on a true partnership with companies to transform their business with advisory, implementation and support services. We build together a roadmap to deliver end-to end solutions with the Power of Splunk platform.

Bright is Splunk Elite partner in Bulgaria and Europe focused on delivery of data-driven analytics solutions in the areas of Business Analytics, IT Operations & Security. In strategic partnership with Splunk Professional services organization, Bright has established Splunk Competence Center to deliver high-end advisory and implementation services to Splunk customers.

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To deliver outstanding end-to-end solutions, we partner with focused leaders for cutting edge technologies. We are very selective and dedicated in our partnership and build comprehensive delivery and support capabilities.