Digital Business Automation

Digital Business Automation

Use Case
Simplify the management of batch workload processes

Simplify and automate batch workloads with BMC Control-M

To simplify the management of workload processes, we recommend the most advanced Digital Business Automation platform, leader for more than 20 years according to Gartner. Bright is BMC focused Control-M partner and can deliver the following capabilities with the power of Control-M:

  • Fully automate batch processes across all your critical business applications
  • Speed up big data projects by managing workflows in a scalable way
  • Manage file transfer operations with secure scheduling, instant status visibility, and automated recovery
  • Introduce DevOps collaboration with a Jobs-as-Code approach for faster application change and deployment cycle times

BMC Control-M provides single point of control to handle batch of different jobs and makes it easier to monitor all workflows while reducing failure rates.

Streamline Job scheduling and eliminate complexity

Managing jobs scheduling across diverse business processes is not only challenging to IT operations teams but it also creates a lot of risk to the on-time delivery of business services. Bright can help you manage batch workloads with less complexities and more visibility so services can be delivered within SLAs every time. The business would benefit from a single-point automation and control over execution of core business services. Manuel effort and time for maintaining custom scripts will be reduced.

Some examples of core business process we can automate with the power of Control-M platform are end-of-day operations within the banking industry, managing large file transfers in a secure and reliable way, etc.


We work with you to build a transformation plan related to your core IT operations processes. We help you analyze your job-scheduling environment and focus on the batch processes with biggest impact to the business. The goal is to reduce the complexity of the job scheduling processes into a normal daily routine which quickly and reliably delivers business services.

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