SecOps – Security Operations

SecOps - Security Operations


Why SecOps?

Bright SecOps approach is focused on helping organizations transform the collaboration between IT Security and IT Operations teams to reduce time and effort in handling security, risk and compliance issues.

With the expertise of our experienced consultants and our partners we deliver best-in-class solutions for your SecOps strategy.

Vulnerability management and Security incident response

Quickly prioritize and respond to security threats using workflows and automation
Efficiently prioritize and respond to vulnerabilities based on business impact

Automated remediation

Simplify, improve consistency, and increase scalability across network, server, and cloud environments with automated remediation that considers the severity of the issue and the operational context.

Operational intelligence

Get real-time vulnerability information enriched by operational data to make security actionable, plan remediation and take action based on the impact on your organization.
Put security incidents in context with threat intelligence to get a full picture of root-cause and effect.

Compliance automation

Achieve continuous compliance and improved security by leveraging policies and best practices for CIS, DISA, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, NIST, and SCAP

Benefits For Your Business

Our Technology Expertise

Bright technology teams use innovative technologies and best practices to deliver complex solutions. Based on the organization’s preferences and setup, Bright can recommend the most appropriate platform and technology for delivering the required capabilities and business goals. Through focused partnership with leading software vendors, we make your projects a success.

Related Partners

To deliver outstanding end-to-end solutions, we partner with focused leaders for cutting edge technologies. We are very selective and dedicated in our partnership and build comprehensive delivery and support capabilities.