IT Service Automation

The Business Challenge 

Automation in IT has been a key intitiative for many organizations as they try to achieve efficiencies in IT Operations,  mitigate risk and improve compliance. Still, the results have fallen short of expectations. While individual areas may have good automation, whether through point solutions or custom development, overall processes often require manual tasks or significant scripting to join disparate pieces together. As a result, IT departments are forced to operate in fire-fighting mode, rushing from emergency to emergency without time to focus on strategic tasks and goals. 

The results are seen accross many organizations:
  • Lack of efficiency in IT Operations, which can lead to outages and downtime. 
  • Compliance audits often cover only a portion of the IT estate. 
  • Documentation is incomplete and time-consuming to generate, and remediation efforts are hampered by disconnected processes. 
  • Communication across teams is inefficient, frequently working only thanks to informal relationships.
A Transformation Approach 
Based on years of experience with some of the largest IT organizations in Europe, Bright Consulting can identify specific areas for improvement and deliver an end-to-end solution for IT Process Automation. 
End-to-end Solution
Through a strategic partnership with the leader in Business Service Management BMC Software, Bright has the capbility to deliver end-to-end solution for IT Service Automation.

BMC has extensive experience in automating data center configuration management tasks across physical, virtual, and cloud-based systems. This experience has been codified into mature solutions that have been tested by some of the world’s most demanding IT organizations. BMC’s Data Center Automation solutions are structured around three fundamental areas of value:
  • Learn: View the state of IT in real time, compare configurations to each other, and automate repetitive configuration management tasks
  • Resolve: Identify drift from desired state, audit regularly for compliance to policies, and remediate discrepancies automatically
  • Control: Record changes as they occur, deliver requested changes automatically, and document the evolving state of IT
This approach ensures that IT delivers rapid business value by automating recurring configuration management tasks quickly, driving additional value by adding automated compliance management, including remediation, and integrating these actions with existing best-practice process frameworks.
DSK Bank

“Bright role as ITSM consultant greatly helped us to raise the maturity of ITSM process and achieve quick wins in improving the operational efficiency. ”


Improved quality of service:
  • Optimized service support function with integrated ITSM system based on ITIL best practices.
  • Improved resource utilization and visibility through alignment of support teams activities; 
  • Increased customer satisfaction:
  • Increased incident resolution;
  • Empowered end users with self- service capabilities;


Implemented the leading ITSM platform BMC Remedy with focus on:  
  • Service Request Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem management
  • Service Level Management 
  • Knowledge Management
Integrated ITSM system with existing monitoring systems.