IT Strategy & Transformation

  • Align Business & IT Strategy;
  • Evaluate IT current and desired capabilities, challenges, and strategic objectives;
  • Identify specific projects and define the business case needed to achieve the business objectives; 

“Bright professional approach for Mediation transformation simplifies and optimizes our Mediation platform processes”


  • Delivered an end-to-end solution for migration of existing Mediation streams to a new Mediation Zone platform;
  • Established a roadmap for transformation of the Mediation platform and design for the new solution;
  • Developed strategy and plan to ensure smooth migration between both platforms;
  • Aligned Digital Route best practices and MTel’s operational policies and requirements.


The transition to a new mediation platform at Mobiltel required a transformation approach with focus on the workflows for prepaid subscriber data processing and its delivery to the BSS:
  • Assessed current Mtel Prepaid Mediation architecture and requirements for the future solution;
  • Optimized Mediation platform processes and workflow design;
  • Integrated automated workflows for OCS event records and OCS customer data dump;
  • Built interfaces to surrounding systems, processing schedules and parameters, data retention and archiving in Digital Route - Mediation Zone;
  • Implemented Prepaid subscribers loading flow to ADX CRM;
  • Ensured system maintainability and enhancement with on-going managed services;